Reasons why, despite its importance, you might end up hating your job

Reasons why, despite its importance, you might end up hating your job

In life not everything happens just like you want it to happen. There are many times that things go contrary to what you might have expected or you might have planned. Many times this may cause us to be discouraged or to lose hope in our pursuit for our dreams. One major area that can have major implications if we are disappointed is in our jobs.

In many cases, our jobs are our livelihoods. The job we do is what gives us the money that in turn provides for all that we need. Our jobs helps us purchase food, clothes, a house for shelter, and even money for other expenses such as travel. A job also gives us a sense of belonging, it helps us in maintaining a social life and it generally helps us have a plan for our life. A job occupies a huge percentage of your time. For many people, their jobs occupy the bigger percentage of their total time.

From the above points it is clear that a job or a person’s career is a major pillar to their livelihood. It would be therefore very unfortunate if one has a job that they do not like. There are many reasons that can make someone not like the job that they have. For example, they could have a job that violates their beliefs, principles, morals, ideologies, or philosophies.

An example of such a scenario is someone who is working in a corrupt office. If you are working in a corrupt office, or if your boss is corrupt, many times you might be forced to be corrupt too. If your morals are against this, then you will have a very difficult time at work. You could also be working in an environment where you are being discriminated. This can be a very humiliating and upsetting environment. Co-workers may discriminate you due to your race, culture, sex, religion, or tribe.

Another thing that may make you hate your job is when your superiors or co-workers are molesting, assaulting, abusing or mistreating you. This is especially common in cases where women subordinates are being treated badly through sexual assaults or masochistic assaults.

Other reasons why you might not like your job could be due to other external factors such as the influence of other people. For example, there are some jobs that society has a tendency of looking down upon or viewing them suspiciously. If you work as a morgue attendant, people may regard you with apprehension and may not want to associate with you. This can also be the case with people who work in jails. The perception of other people about your job may make you hate your job.

Another reason why people may dislike their job is if the job does not give them self-satisfaction. If you are an ambitious person, there are some jobs that you will not feel comfortable with. Jobs that do not provide any challenge and jobs that do not provide any chance of growth can cause you to dislike them. Jobs which are monotonous can also be tiring. This is common with jobs that strictly follow routine day in day out.

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