Here at Cambodian Orphanage we have a vision; a vision of a world where children are given the chance to succeed and be happy in their everyday life. Our vision is a world vision and it’s one that, with your support we can make come true for the children of Cambodia and all of Asia. Children are our future; let’s not close the door on them or on their dreams.

Our Philosophy

Cambodian Orphanage was established under two very important principles that we still live by today: to help fight poverty and hunger in Cambodia and become effective advocates for adoption there and to provide our readers with the information they need to make a difference in a child’s life today. We bring you the news you need on the hard hitting topics that face the children of Cambodia every day.

Let’s Help the Children Together

Poverty, hunger, homelessness; these are the things that Cambodian children live with in a daily basis. It’s time that we take a stand and end their suffering once and for all. These children are special to us and we want the world to know that; we want everyone to see them for the people they are, the people that one day will become doctors, lawyers, husbands and wives, the people that will eventually take our planet and our people boldly into the future of civilization.

Cambodian Orphanage is your trusted, all-in-one news and information site; a portal into the world of the children of Cambodia. Our mission is to help the live healthy, successful lives. Won’t you join us and show the children that the world really does care?